UNIGINE Engine Is Now Free For Indie Developers

We started UNIGINE in 2005 as a game engine, then pivoted to the simulation and training industry in 2012. Now we are coming back to the entertainment, in addition to the enterprise markets.

We were preparing this launch of the Community edition for the last 2-3 years: made APIs easier to use, introduced completely new editor, added fully-fledged C# support.

Create more cool projects! Download UNIGINE 2 Community for free here: https://unigine.com/products/community/

Are we dropping the enterprise market? Of course not, our Engineering and Sim products are getting even stronger after this launch. More talented developers = better product & better ecosystem: additional crowdsourced testing, more tutorials, more experienced people to hire in larger projects, assets for the upcoming asset store.

Very happy with the initial positive feedback from programmers and 3D artists – they are really happy with the quality of the engine and tools. This proves that all of the multi-year efforts of our brilliant team were not in vain. Exciting to see how the community will grow!

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