My first GDC in 2010

Found my old talk at NVIDIA Game Technology Theater, “Practical Use of Tessellation in Unigine Heaven Benchmark”, and it brought up memories of my first Game Developers Conference in SF.

It was the third day of GDC, and everybody who was a booth staff at least once, know how hard it feels. What’s worse, I caught cold and lost my voice, so it was not so easy to talk that morning, but some good guy from the NVIDIA booth brought me hot tea and vitamins, so I survived. The funny thing was that we invited a lot of AMD folks to the talk, and they were all sitting together in the last row, looking a little bit afraid of being beaten by competitors =)


The UNIGINE booth at GDC 2010 was fun. We had two rigs with updated Heaven Benchmark 2.0: one from AMD, another one from NVIDIA (with brand new GeForce GTX 480 delivered to us by our NVIDIA DevRel manager just 30 minutes before the tradeshow opening). Both PCs were working side-by-side, but we tended to stay away from the direct performance comparison in order not to upset some other partner. GTX 480 was just announced, and it was the first NVIDIA card with hardware tesselation units, so we got a lot of attention from the hardware journalists.

We quickly ran out of brochures, so we tried to keep them under the counter and dispense only to the VIP visitors.


There were only three people (me, our CTO and a sales manager) back then, while there was always a line of people with questions.


We talked with a lot of nice people from the industry, who I knew from online but never met in person before, like Ruslan Abdikeev and Simon Kozlov.

We also had nice chat with Aras Pranckevičius from Unity, who stopped by at our booth.


It was a good show!


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